Fungus is not food ~ agree or disagree?

December 12, 2016

I know a few people who adamantly believe fungus is not food. I know, this is shocking. There are some out there who believe this. I would like to open a discussion, a friendly dialog with these people, anonymous or not, to find out exactly why they feel this way. Would you give us a chance to sway you, maybe even convert one or two along the way?  Is it just your taste buds that disagree? Is it that your dog will not eat them and that is your litmus test? I am fascinated by this reasoning. Where you born in the south or far north and your mama always said to stay away from them- eat them and you may die? Is it a texture issue? Mushrooms, I'm thinking were eaten by our ancient ancestors way before they learned how to hunt animals proficiently... fungus our first food... I like that phrase. We were gatherers of plants and edibles right along side hunting... We here at Rocky Bottom Mushrooms are, of course, from the camp "fungus is food". We would like to hear your voice on this topic~ if you have one anyway.  Which camp do you set your stakes?

Thanks for participating.


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