My 4/03 Grow Bag Has It's Second Fruiting on 5/25

Hey guys! Just a few comments about the second fruiting on your bags. My bag that was made on 4/03 just started its second fruiting 3 days ago on 5/25. That is 3 weeks between fruiting! Don't give up on your grow bag!  

 It can take up to 3 weeks for the second wave. My bag from 4/03 just started fruiting on 5/25!

I placed 4-8 cups of ice in the top of the bag and let it melt and soak into the substrate two weeks after the first fruiting and set it outside during a few cool nights as well. Brought it in and it fruited in my den just a few days ago! I also set the ceiling fan on low.  

Time between fruitings was 3 weeks!    So give your bag time to rest and recharge.  It should fruit again. 

Here are some photos of the second fruiting. I think my second crop of mushrooms will weigh about 1/2 to 3/4 of a pound when harvested!  Less that the first fruiting because the mycelium is getting weaker and running out of food. It is still enough to enjoy in a stir or fried rice (our family's favorite dish).


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