The Home Grow Bag Experience

Home grow bags sound daunting right? Well, If I can grow mushrooms at home so can you! Here is a little glimpse at my experience so far.

The home grow bags that are for sale at the market right now were made April 3rd. (FYI: the large, strange numbers on the side of the bag are the date it was made.) That is almost exactly 2 weeks ago. My bag at home is beginning to fruit! I am pretty excited about this. Its the first one I have tried at home. Daniel brought it home to me and it was like Christmas morning.

So first, I fretted over it, put it on the counter by our coffee maker for 4 days and misted it every few hours. Nothing... So, I fretted some more and moved it to my closet, which is about 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the house. I left it there overnight misting it carefully. The next day-BINGO! It had these tiny little "pin headed" fruits that were poking out of the substrate. Very excited.

So I moved it back to the kitchen counter and that night I put it in the window sill to get some cool, fresh and slightly breezy air from the window. It was dusk out, so no direct sun. I kept it misted so it didn't dry out too. It doubled in size in 2 hours!  I'm really excited now! Its growing larger each day so I will post an updated photo of the growth progress in a few days.

There were three brave souls who bought bags last Thursday at the market! If one or all of you read this -please reach out to us by email or Facebook message and let us know how you are doing! Im excited to hear about your success or help trouble shoot! These bags are very viable so we will get them to grow! Talk to you soon.




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