Spring is coming! The rhythm of life continues

This winter has been a quiet time, a great time for planning out future endeavors. We are really excited for spring action!

Wild mushrooms will soon be popping up and our foraging team will be back at it. I know all mushroom lovers look forward to spring morels and then summer shrooms; chanterelles, chicken and hen of the woods, black trumpets and lions mane just to name a few. All goodness from the earth.

 At market this year we will sell spring wild edible greens, asian long beans, and wild foraged shrooms along with our farm grown oyster shrooms - so come by our market table each Saturday to see what we are offering.  You can also keep up to date through our Facebook page and instagram gallery! We post our recent events, finds and offerings along with strangely satisfying shroom videos. 

 Winter is drawing to a close and spring is peeking through the clouds! What a great blessing to be able to enjoy the seasons and let our lives flow to their rhythm. For many farms winter is a quiet time to ponder and plan, spring a time to take action, summer a time to grow and harvest, fall a time to harvest, store and prepare for winter.

Such a simple, basic rhythm of life. A rhythm often over looked in our culture- but it is still there waiting to be lived and felt by people who are willing to slow down, listen and feel it once more. We think Farmers Markets help us slow down, and enjoy the rhythms, they bind us together as a community too. The products at market have a season and a farmer/producer, a person from our community not another country or state.  This time in our history it is important to slow down, simplify and look toward home as a place to find what we need.
Didn't someone once say "We are who we've been waiting for?" This quote sort of fits as the farmers market mantra doesn't it?  

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