Working on The Farm & Home Grow Kits

There is always something to do at the farm. Sterilizing, Incubating, keeping the humidity levels and temperature levels just right, the list of chores goes on and on.
Here, Daniel is tying up incubated bags ready to grow in the growing room.
Not pictured above is Ike, he's in the other room gauging temps and changing filters, fiddling with something I can't quite see and singing along (very loudly) to a classic rock station.  There is harvesting and packing each week, getting ready for weekly deliveries of wholesale and private orders.
This week these two, some of the hardest workers I know, are starting bags for our home grow kits. Many customers have asked if we will sell home grow kits!  So, of course we got on it and developed a great kit for folks to take home and enjoy. We are very excited to be able to offer these to our customers at the farmers markets starting up in the spring! We will be talking more about these kits soon.  

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